Thank you so much for your unconditional love of students and fervor for the growth and empowerment of our youth. I feel blessed to witness the work that you do with helping our young men in and outside the dojo to discover their goals and learn skills necessary to pursue them. To God be the Glory!!

We may not always see our impact, but trust that you are planting seeds every day to help empower and grow our children to have the skills to make a difference in this world!

Thank you for all you do in and outside the dojo!!

Durenda Ward

Thank you, as always for everything you do for us! My kids love you, we are lucky to have found an amazing place for Benji to grow and explore his talent!


The Fagnani Family

You are the best Sensei a kid can ask for. Thanks for pushing me to be great!

Dwight Cox, Jr

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia – Thanks so much for coming out and speaking to our students. We all really appreciate it and look forward to having you back next month.


A quick note of thanks for allowing Elliott into your program. In the last four months we have seen growth, confidence and discipline in him. Your care and patience as well as the praise helped with that.

Warm Regards,

Bryan and Tara Webb

Dear Mr. Williams, you are the best Sensei I could ever have. I am glad that I do karate because I love it and you are an amazing teacher. If I hand any other sensei at a different school, I don’t think I could do it. Because you’re the Sensei I need. Thank you for everything you have done and taught me. You are the BEST! Thank You!

Brianna Rand

Thank you for providing a safe, fun, environment and being another good role model for Niya and John. We appreciate you.

The McQuillas

"The past 4 weeks have been some of the most difficult ones of my life. I think that meeting my instructor Mr. Williams and taking karate have made it possible for me to get through the pain and focus on myself. Being in class and learning from Mr. Williams has given me inner strength as well as physical. I have tried many different physical activities, but never before have I been so inspired to keep learning and using the skills I am practicing in class. The peace I feel when concentrating on the karate gives me the motivation to take care of myself during this difficult time in my life. Otherwise I can imagine how easy it would be to just feel frustrated and helpless. Mr. Williams has an incredible passion for teaching martial arts and gets me excited every time I have a class. I hope to continue advancing and becoming a much stronger individual with coping skills that I never had before. Thank goodness for Vernard Williams!!!!"

Jean Trott

“Karate has been a very positive and admired program for our Country Club. We have been impressed with the instructor’s dedication to teaching the children and also the valuable opportunities he provides for growth for each and every one of them. Mr. Williams helps make karate a whole lot of fun and also a great source for learning. We could not be happier with the program!”

Nina Torano
Carolina Country Club Youth Director

“Our son’s time with Mr. Williams was much more than just physical activity. He came away with increased self-confidence, coordination, and problem-solving skills. Mr. Williams’ “real life” situations, especially “Stranger Danger”, have given us a foundation to build upon. We are pleased that our son had an opportunity to experience these lessons within his time at daycare.”

Shelby & Jason Pedley

Even though I’ve only been training under you for a little over a year, you have already had an influence on my life. Other than teaching me how to defend myself, you’ve also helped me gain a huge amount of self-confidence. I have become much braver and self-aware. Thank you so much!!!

Meadow Allen

Over the three years that I have been at Snap Kick Martial Arts, I have learned so much. You have taught me so much that has made my life better. You have also made me more confident in myself and braver than I ever was. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me and that you are an amazing teacher.

Brendan Vogel

I love karate and you are the best Sensei ever. I love the way that you teach karate, sparring, and jujitsu. You are the best Sensei I have ever had. Be this way always!

Alexis Gallant

You have been a very great karate teacher. You have helped kids through hard tasks including me! Thank you sio much for being my teacher, I believe one day you will own more than 5 dojos!

The phrase is simple and the words are few, but behind them is a whole lot of appreciation.

Shania Nonsizi

Thank you for all the training you have done with me and I really want you to keep training me for the rest of my life. Thank you for getting me to get all these trophies. I just love all the training you do with me.

Jayden Davis

You are a true gift to us and our kids. During this Christmas season while we are giving thanks, you are on our list. Thank you for all you do, your patience and unconditional love you offer! You are a blessing. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the father. James 1:7 NIV

Austin and Chase Lee

Thank you for being such a great Instructor. You have changed our lives and given us something to look forward to and to strive for. We are very thankful to be under your leadership!

Mark and Travis Gibson

You are a great teacher. I love karate and jujitsu. You taught me that I can do anything. I will always do my best and work hard. I will never forget you. You add a little wonderful to everything you do. Thanks for what you did for me and thanks for being YOU!

Peyton Foster

Thanks for being a great teacher. I really enjoy coming to karate and learning from you. Thanks for teaching my friends al my birthday party. We all had so much fun! You have taught me a lot about respect and listening. My parents appreciate it!

William Henry Moore

“The Little Samurai class has been such a great experience for my 5-year-old! Sensei, Williams incorporates structure, respect and discipline in a fun and energetic way while learning basic karate skills. It is so fun to watch them laugh and have a great time while knowing they are being taught at the same time! My son looks forward to class each week and really looks up to Sensei, Williams!”

Deborah Everett