“The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat,
but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”

~ Gichin Funakoshi
Father of Modern Karate

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To empower people of all ages and help them to develop their ability to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones against an attack, maintain great levels of physical and mental fitness and develop exceptional strength in their character.

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Snap Kick Martial Arts (SKMA)

Snap Kick Martial Arts (SKMA) was founded on the premise that anyone can be trained to become a highly skilled martial artist in multiple arts and also become a proficient and effective leader, developing the skills and confidence needed to defend oneself and handle life’s myriad challenges.

SKMA is a full-service martial arts school and fitness facility and is the premier provider of martial arts, street-smart self-defense and character development training for children, teens and adults. Our programs focus on seamlessly combining aspects of Karate, Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Self Defense and Kobudo (Okinawan weapons).

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Martial Arts Leadership Association (MALA)

As a Martial Arts Leadership Association (MALA) school, we strive to provide the best in quality instruction, both physically and mentally. We blend both the ancient principles of the martial arts with a modern philosophical approach. We teach the physical techniques that have been proven to be the most practical in our modern society. We have created an effective and relevant curriculum designed to assist you in achieving your goal to become a Black Belt Leader.

At SKMA, we begin by introducing our students to the attitudes and principles of discipline, self-defense and good health. As each student grows, we expect them to contribute a maximum amount of effort and determination to elevate their self-defense capabilities as well as strengthen their mind, body and spirit. We strive to instill qualities of humility, honesty, courage and zeal in each student, instructor and parent.

Ultimately, we use the martial arts as a vehicle to provide our students with the ability to become positive contributors to society and champions in all aspects of life. We ensure that each student is given the individualized attention that is needed to master the martial arts and master one’s self.

By “Transforming Lives Daily” and “Building Tomorrows Leaders Today”, we not only enhance the lives of our students but also the lives of their families, our communities and our world.