Our Adult program is suitable for all skill and physical fitness levels. This program not only focuses on the martial arts but also practical street-smart self-defense that you can use right now, stress relief and improvement in strength and flexibility! 

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Safe Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

In every class we strive to have fun! We want all of our students to feel accomplished and leave feeling refreshed. Our adults enjoy the camaraderie of fellowship with our instructors and their classmates and the opportunity to build strong bonds and friendships.

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Positive Environment

We have found that consistent attendance not only gives our adults the skills needed to effectively and efficiently defend themselves, but it also provides stress reduction and improved overall health. Our students build bonds that encourage them to keep going forward whether inside or outside the dojo. We encourage the participation of both women and men, as we know that all people regardless of gender and age can benefit from the study of the martial arts.

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Practical Self Defense

Learning to effectively protect yourself and your family is important, thus right from the beginning adults learn realistic self-defense that they can use and practice with their loved ones.