Our Junior Warrior program is tailored to school-aged children between the ages of 9 to 12 years old. We focus on the core principles of self-discipline, self-control, respect, confidence, concentration and patience. It is at this level; our students begin honing their leadership skills, develop their character and learn martial arts techniques as tools for physical and mental discipline.

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Practical Application

This program prepares children for real world experiences and application, based on situations they experience daily.

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Staying Physically Fit, Active and Aware

They will learn the value of physical fitness, increase coordination and gain an awareness of when, where and how to apply the techniques that they learn.

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Character Development

They will build confidence and good character, as well as learn how to deal with peer pressure by applying the mental aspects of the martial arts and not the physical techniques they learn in class. We teach our students non-violent ways to handle potentially dangerous situations leaving them with a feeling of self-assurance. They are trained to exhaust all options so that a positive outcome can come about from any confrontation.

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Safety First

We teach safety first and our instructors are trained to provide a safe (physically and mentally), controlled and exciting environment.

Our mentorship program allows our junior students to also be taught by young adults and teenagers that are more in tune with today’s youth and the issues they face. In doing so, students develop confidence as they learn how to be both proactive and reactive to the world around them. Our ultimate goal is to give our Junior Warriors the tools to live productive, successful and happy lives.