Our Teenage Warrior programs are geared specifically to the needs of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. No longer children, and not quite adults; teenagers are in a unique and often times awkward place in life. With this in mind we have developed a curriculum that is best suited for their needs as they prepare to enter their journey into adulthood.

• They will benefit from learning when, where and how to apply both mental and physical self-defense techniques.
• Throughout their training emphasis is placed on leadership skills, and sound decision making, while maintaining a respectful attitude toward their peers and adults.

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Decision Making

We want our teenagers to be able to make great choices and strive to do their best at all times. With the help of our instructors and their classmates our teens have a support system that allows them to ask for help when faced with tough decisions. We teach them how to avoid poor choices that produce negative outcomes using our structured leadership training courses. As they meet and master challenges their confidence grows which allows them to be more effective in their decision making and goal setting.

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Social Development

We want our teenagers to socialize with others their age in a safe and controlled environment. They will make friendships which will help them develop a sense of belonging to the group as a whole but still be able to keep their individual and unique personality.

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Staying Physically Fit and Active

Our intense physical fitness program will not only keep them fit but will assist them in continuing to develop as responsible young women and men.