As a career and lifelong martial artist and martial arts school owner, I have worked diligently with my staff to develop a leadership and martial arts program that is not only effective in building students up physically but also mentally and spiritually. Through our programs, we have assisted thousands of students to not only become triumphant in the martial arts but also in life.

Our mission is to empower people of all ages and help them to develop their ability to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones against an attack, maintain great levels of physical and mental fitness and develop exceptional strength in their character. In doing so, we are “Transforming Lives Daily and Building Tomorrows’ Leaders Today!”. I believe an individual must train the mind, body, and spirit as one to develop their full potential.

I began my training in Philadelphia, PA at the age of three, which provided a firm foundation of discipline and determination to always strive to be the best. As a result, I have skillfully combined my martial arts expertise, spiritual training, formal education at the University of Pittsburgh (B.S. Business Management and Marketing with focused studies in Engineering and Math, 1996) and acute business acumen to provide a complete experience for my students.

In 2015 I received the “WHO’s WHO Masters Award” in the WHO’s WHO in the Martial Arts Legends Hall of Fame and the Lifetime Achievement Award in the American Freestyle Karate Association Hall of Fame. In 2011 I was inducted into the American Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame and the same year won the "Karate Instructor of the Year" award. My professional career in the martial arts began in 2006 and since our schools have been awarded “School of the Year” in 2009 and 2010 by the American Martial Arts Association, received the Century Martial Arts “Mark of Excellence Gold Award” from 2010-2014, 2016 and 2019 and is one of the fastest growing and largest martial arts schools in the area.

I am ranked with the American Freestyle Karate Association, American Martial Arts Alliance, the International Shotokan Karate Federation and the United States Judo Association. Over the years I have assisted thousands of students as well as professional and semi-professional athletes attain their performance goals, by combining intense and focused training, catered to each individual’s needs. I take an individual from their goals and dreams to reality.

My athletic background is a mixture of contact and team sports, including more than 30 years of martial arts training. As a fierce competitor I have won several national, regional and state martial arts competitions. In the early 90’s I won tennis championships in the USTA/NJTL. As a tennis coach I led teams to victory as well as assisted individuals looking to enhance their skills. In high school I became the first freshman captain of the varsity wrestling team and as a youth was awarded “Rookie of the Year” in the Keystone State Football League. In college I played intramural football and won a championship in intramural basketball.

My training is a lifelong journey and will never be complete, as I will always continue to refine both my skills and character. As a student, highly skilled instructor, motivational speaker, personal development coach, author and fierce competitor I have quickly established myself as a recognized authority in the industry.

My experience as an entrepreneur has allowed me the honor of owning and operating several successful businesses. I was co-founder of “Pages INK, Inc.” a web publishing and design firm, while also attending the University of Pittsburgh. My love for music and entertainment led to the creation of “Nivlek Entertainment” a mobile entertainment and booking agency in Pittsburgh, PA. Once I relocated to the Raleigh/Durham, NC area I established “Williams Furniture Direct” a furniture and bedding distribution center and founded “Way of Life Personal Training and Fitness” both in Raleigh, NC. I owned and operated “Karate International of Garner, Inc.” from 2008 to 2015 and started the “Williams Leadership Academy, LLC.”, an afterschool enrichment program and lastly the “Carolina Fit Club, LLC.”, which provided personal and group fitness instruction. In 2005, I was appointed by the Wake County Commissioners to serve on the board of the Wake County Council on Fitness and Health and was an active member of the Garner, NC Y.M.C.A. Board from 2011-2013.

I have enjoyed being a children’s ministry teacher at World Overcomers Church in Durham, NC (2010 – 2017) and Hope Community Church (2018). His other interests include playing golf, guitar, writing novels and poetry, riding motorcycles and designing model railroads. I am always available to speak, provide private instruction, demonstrations, and facilitate life skills and leadership workshops.